School starts on August 18th!

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  • As stated before...we will start up again on August 18th for a half day session. We currently have almost 100 students and room for a few more. Pass the word….Christian Education makes a difference! GOD BLESS YOUR SUMMER DAYS! Several of our classrooms will have limited space if all of our current students return. We look forward to continuing to provide your child an opportunity for Christian education an education with a difference; an education that makes a difference in the lives of our students, families and community. If you have any questions, please contact me at 512-898-2711 or 512-898-2815.

  • We will offer a PK3 class with Mrs. Shannon Meadors as teacher. Also we will offer an afterschool care program in the fall to help working parents out. Tell your family, friends and neighbors!

  • WE HAVE A TEACHER! God answered our prayers with the hiring of Mrs. Cindy Widner as our new 3rd-4th grade teacher. Mrs. Widner will be bringing 11 years of experience to the classroom as well as a working knowledge of St. Paul since she went to school here through the 8th grade. We are also excited to add her sons Grant and Scott to our 8th and 6th grades in the fall.

  • VOTER’S MEETING REPORT: The last voter’s meeting was a huge step in the future of our school. The voter’s approved the plans for a new educational building to replace the “house”. This facility will allow us the room to “grow” this school into the future. As with all endeavors here, it is a step in faith as we meet the challenges God puts before us to do His work here at St. Paul. For more details, check with Mr. Moss.

St Paul has the SCRIP program so you can use your daily shopping to help support our school. Click here to find out more!