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  • Weekly Newsletter 1/3/18

    St. Paul Lutheran School

    (512) 898-2711

    Dear St. Paul Families and Friends,

    Welcome back! We are so pleased to be back in your children’s lives. We hope their first day back has been fun and rewarding. We also hope your Christmas and New Year’s celebrations were all you hoped for.

    2018 began with some cold temperatures (and some snow for a few lucky ones!), which gets us to thinking about the following issues:

    • In the event of a school delay or closure due to weather, a notice will first be posted to our school Facebook page. Please “like” our page and share with other Lion families or friends, who may also want to stay up-to-date with latest school happenings. Delays or closings will then be announced via school-wide email (to parent emails in Praxi), followed by KRXT FM 98.5 out of Rockdale.
    • Please ensure our students to dress according to the weather. When temperatures are in the 30’s or below, all students should be dropped off wearing pants and a jacket. If staff feel a student is not dressed for the weather, parents will be called to bring clothing/pick-up student to change. Wearing weather-appropriate clothing is a battle we ask parents to win with their child.
    • Please remind your students to wash their hands with soap and disinfect their hands when needed. According to local hospitals, the flu cases are really piling up at this time. In the office, we will err on the side of caution when it comes to calling for an ill child to be picked up. The health and safety of our student ​and staff ​population must always be a high concern. Remember, students must be fever-free (without medication) for 24 hours before returning to school.

    Today, we welcome Mrs. Margie Clifton to our staff! She will finish our the year with us as part of our middle school team. She brings with her 16 years of middle school experience and we are so thankful she is able to serve God in ministry here at St. Paul. For those that are wondering, Mrs. Garcia and baby Aaron are doing well and enjoying their time together.

    PSIA practices are already back in full swing, with many starting again today. It is important that parents/guardians are here to pick up students by the time practice ends, so our volunteer coaches are not waiting for ​you. We appreciate their prep and coaching time, and know they are ready to get back to their busy schedules and families when practice ends.

    Mrs. Karen is putting the finishing touches on the January lunch menu, and confirming order deliveries. Tomorrow she will serve chicken noodle soup/grilled cheese sandwich, and Friday she will serve BBQ sandwiches. 


    • Tomorrow: Girls basketball practice 3:15-5:15 PM.
    • This Weekend: Our Annual Varsity Basketball Tournament has been canceled, due to conflicts with other team’s school schedules. We look forward to rebounding next year! Those generous friends who already sponsored the tournament will be personally contacted regarding sponsorship options for our upcoming Field Day.
    • Sunday: Early Worship at 8 AM. Sunday School and Bible Class at 9:15 AM. Late Worship at it’s NEW TIME of 10:30 AM.
    • Tuesday, JAN 9: JV Girls and JV Boys travel to St. Paul, Brenham. Departure from SPL at 2 PM. Travel forms will be sent home tomorrow.
    • Thursday, JAN 11: Lion Varsity Boys host Trinity, San Angelo at 4 PM. We will then host a game for Trinity, San Angelo vs. St. Paul, Serbin at 5 PM.
    • Friday, JAN 12: Lion JV Boys travel to Grace, Brenham. Departure from SPL at 2 PM. Travel form will be sent home next week.

    Serving Him and You,
    Mr. Corey Moss

    St. Paul Lutheran Church and School

    101 N 3rd St., PO Box 369, Thorndale, TX 76577

    Phone (512) 898-2711