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  • Weekly Newsletter 12/4/17

    St. Paul Lutheran School

    (512) 898-2711

    Dear St. Paul Families and Friends,

    You have made this time of year even more special! At a time when studies and media show American parents to be disengaged, distracted with material possessions, or not invested in their children or faith life, we have you. YOU, the families of St. Paul, stand firm in your faith and against all the standard stereotypes of most American parents. Our school families are all in! For proof, one only has to look at our recent special events. Our largest school event, the Chili Supper, was a giant, fun success, which can only happen because of God’s divine will and because our parents and families care. Just three weeks later, we hosted a record turnout for our “Deck the Halls Event,” where we were up to our elbows in Christmas decorations, pizza boxes, and engaged volunteers. Finally, to top it all off, we saw everyone at the musical, a wonderful opportunity for our students to share the good news of Christ’s birth with their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and neighbors. Thank you for taking the time to enjoy their special moments on stage.

    YOU make the difference. This is your school. She belongs to God and you. She exists for God’s will and for your children’s benefit. She is a giant Christian co-op to accomplish what none of us could accomplish on our own. Being a Christian parent, a real, active Christian parent, takes dedication and intentional effort. After all, we know our children grow up to follow the example of their parents. Thank you for stepping forward in faith with us. We pray that through your intentional efforts and through our program, your child will grow in Christ daily.


    • Today: Boys basketball practice 3:30-5:30 PM.
    • Tomorrow: Lions travel to St. Mary’s, Taylor. Departure from St. Paul at 2:45 PM. JVG 3:30 PM, JVB 4:30 PM, VG 5:30 PM, VB 6:30 PM.
    • Wednesday: Advent Worship Service at 7 PM. A pre-service meal will be served by the LWML at 6 PM in the East Wing. This free-will donation meal helps busy families with dinner plans, and includes chili, Frito Pie, chili dogs, etc.
    • Thursday: Girls basketball practice 3:15-5:15 PM.
    • Friday: Varsity Lions travel to Zion, Walburg for their Varsity Tournament. Departure from St. Paul at 12:45 PM. VG at 2 PM. VB at 3 PM. Bracket play follows. Travel form (for only Friday) will be sent home tomorrow.
    • Saturday: Varsity Lions at Walburg – tourney play continues.


    • December tuition is now due. Please also pay any other fees, past due tuition, and lunch balances, as we work to close out the year.
    • December lunch menu has been posted. Hard copies are available in the office.
    • Faculty and Staff “Favorites” are available for anyone who may be shopping for gifts. See the file at Mrs. Fisher’s desk (you can snap a pic with your phone or request a copy). Or, email her to ask for lists to be sent home.
    • Cast pictures are still available from the musical! Contact Mrs. Fisher to see what options are available for your child. Prints are $5 each. Payment is due by Wednesday for any IOU’s.
    • CT Foundation for Christian Education scholarship applications should be returned to the school office no later than Tuesday, DEC 12.
    • Tuesday, DEC 12: Lions host St. Paul, Serbin, in their home openers. JVG 3, JVB 4, VG 5, VB 6. Concessions will be open, but it takes Lion volunteers to make it work! Sign up HERE to help.
    • Wednesday, DEC 13 – Advent Vesper Worship Service at 7 PM. Students in grades K-8 will sing at the Worship Service. PTF will host a pre-service meal (nachos) at 6 PM in the East Wing. School families are asked to bring a dessert.
    • Friday, DEC 15 games were cancelled.


    • DEC 11-18 — Thorndale Cares and Silver Santa charitable drives at school. Details soon!
    • Wednesday, DEC 20 — Christmas Parties & noon release. Party details will be sent home tomorrow. Gift exchange instructions should be sent from your teacher.
    • DEC 21 – JAN 2 — Christmas Break
    • JAN 5-6 — St. Paul Varsity Basketball Tournament. Sponsorships and volunteer opportunities available soon!

    In Christ’s service and yours,
    Mr. Moss

    December Lunch Menu.pdf

    St. Paul Lutheran Church and School
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    Phone (512) 898-2711