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  • Weekly Newsletter 10/24/17

    Dear St. Paul Families and Friends,

    Welcome back to the second quarter! We hope that the Fall Break gave our families a chance to relax, reflect, and recharge. Some of our students had a blast at the Sunday School Retreat at Camp Lone Star. Many of our students were hard at work, capping off months of dedication and preparation at the Rockdale Fair and Lutheran Volleyball Championship of Texas. Congratulations on the many buckles, ribbons, and trophies you earned!

    Our return to school finds us in a time of big transition here at St. Paul, and in our community. Luminant’s announcement can make us numb and we immediately begin to worry. Dealing with life’s surprises and the unknown is especially challenging at this time. I thank Pr. Kalbas for his encouraging sermon on this topic at yesterday’s worship, reminding us that even in difficult times, God is the one who creates all, and holds everything in His hands. May we find comfort and peace in our Lord as we rejoice in our eternal salvation and in the knowledge that God is with us at all times, and through all things.

    Our families have made a tremendous commitment to Christian education, and we understand that finances are a part of that decision. Should the Luminant announcement challenge that commitment, please contact me to schedule a time to visit, so that we can work, together, to meet your family’s financial, spiritual, and logistical needs.

    Our entire St. Paul congregation faces this time of transition to minister to those affected families, and to seek God’s will in filling faculty roles for next school year. As the committee works to call both 4th grade and middle school teachers, please pray for them, the faculty candidates, and the process, to richly bless our students and school.


    • Today: Last Day for Box Tops to the classroom (see details below).
    • Today – Wednesday: No-Carve pumpkin due for contest (see details below).
    • Tomorrow – Thursday: Parent-Teacher Conferences. See schedule for appointment times.
    • Saturday: Reformation Run and St. Paul Child Watch. Register ASAP for both! (see details below).
    • Parents are welcomed and encouraged to volunteer with the 1K, especially to help keep our smallest Reformation Runners safe around the course.
    • Childcare will be available in the gym after the 1K, for parents who are running the 5K.
    • We know we’ll need to bundle up, but in the event of rain, the 1K and the 5K will be cancelled.
    • Sunday: Reformation Sunday!This year, we will recognize the 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation. Please join us for a Celebration Worship at our 10:15 AM service, and don’t forget to wear red for the special day.
    • Next week: Basketball practice begins!Boys will practice on Mondays and girls will practice on Thursdays. Times will be announced soon.
    • Next week: PSIA practices will begin!Please see information from your student’s coach or the PSIA directors regarding practice dates and times.


    • Please wash and return volleyball uniforms to the school office.
    • It’s time to turn in your Box Tops! Turn in trimmed, non-expired, and packaged Box Tops (in small baggies by quantity of 50) to the classroom. If fewer than 50 in a bag, please label with quantity.
    • NO-CARVE PUMPKIN DECORATING CONTEST: Bring by 8 AM Wednesday morning. The contest will take place on OCT 25, with the favorites to be determined by grade. Winners announced in chapel! Parents may help, but it’s a contest for our students and their creativity! There are only TWO RULES that MUST BE FOLLOWED:
    • Absolutely NO PART OF THE PUMPKIN MAY BE PIERCED, CARVED, OR CUT, to keep pumpkins from spoiling.
    • NOTHING SCARY, WICKED, DEMONIC, GUNS, KNIVES, ETC. Think book characters, movie characters, painted, bedazzled, glue gunned galore!
    • Parent-Teacher conferences have been set. Hard copies were sent home with students, or the schedule can be found in Praxi. These are required, scheduled meetings between parents and teacher(s) at the end of the first quarter. Parents will receive their child’s first quarter report card at this meeting. Should you have a conflict with your scheduled appointment, please contact me in the school office to discuss options. Do not contact the teacher to reschedule.
    • ST. PAUL REFORMATION RUN: Join us for a 5K Run/Walk and Kids 1K on Saturday, October 28. It’s a celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, calling the church then, and reminding us now, to reflect on our faith and actions, and remember that it is All About Jesus. Forms in the office, or register online.
    • RSVP FOR CHILD WATCH BY OCT. 27St. Paul will offer a supervised Child Watch for potty-trained toddlers and older. Child Watch is Saturday, OCT 28 here at the gym from 5 PM-12 AM. Many families who plan to attend the Little Blessings Giveaway typically make use of this event for their babysitting needs, but it is open to any family who would like to take part! Details, including cost, what to bring, etc. is on the registration form in the office or on the Praxi portal. RSVP deadline (either form/payment or email RSVP) is OCT 27.
    • It’s Chili Supper time! The parent work schedule and other important information will be sent home TODAY. It is also posted on the Praxi portal, and copies are available in the office. Things for families to bring to the school office:
      • One door prize ($5 or less) per STUDENT
      • One cake, or two pies, or homemade ice cream, or $20 per FAMILY
      • Silent auction items
      • Children’s games prizes
      • Quart and pint jars with lids
      • Additional donations to offset expenses

    Serving Him and You,

    Mr. Moss
    2017 Fall Parent Teacher Conferences.pdf
    October 28 Child Watch.pdf