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    St. Paul Lutheran
    101 North 3rd St
    Thorndale, TX 76577
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    Mr. Corey Moss

    Mrs. Kelly Brymer
    Preschool Director

    Rev. Aaron Kalbas
    Sr. Pastor

    Rev. Scott Schaller
    Assoc. Pastor

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     PTF News and notes are posted below…

    Last Chance for Zip-Front Jackets/Pullover

    Dear St. Paul Families and Friends,
    Due to popular demand, we have arranged to place one more order for the embroidered, zip-front jackets/pullover with the new St. Paul logo. (This is the new logo with "SP" the cross, and "St. Paul" underneath -- perfect for both church and school.  These are great for upcoming field trips and field days, when we still may find a chilly morning to greet us. This will be the last Lion Gear order until sometime next school year, so if you missed the chance before the holidays, now's the time! See attached, or hard copies in the office. DEADLINE IS NEXT MONDAY, FEB 6!

    Courtney Fisher


    St. Paul Lutheran Church and School

    101 N 3rd St., PO Box 369, Thorndale, TX 76577

    Phone (512) 898-2711

    My office hours are M-F, 7:30 am-1:00 pm and 3:00-4:00 pm

    Updated Chili Supper Work List 11-9-15

    We are looking forward to Wednesday and all the fun that is the annual Chili Supper:

    • Please see revised work list. There were a few adjustments made as requested by families. We have also noted on the master file (hard copy that will be at the registration table) if you told us you are unable to attend.
    • We are excited to note that, for the first time, we have three work shifts! This is due to the school's growth and the amazing support and involvement of our parents and families. We hope this affords you some more time to enjoy all aspects of the evening.
    • Extra kudos to those section chairs and volunteers who will be working all night long!
    • Remember that we set-up on Tuesday after school. Load-up at St. Paul at 3:45, and unload/set-up at the Fireman's Hall at 4:30. Come one, come all!!! No experience necessary for this volunteer opportunity.
    • Some of the most fun at Chili Supper is at the end! If you are able to help with clean-up and load-up, please consider staying a little while longer. We are all working quickly to get home with our own little Lions, and we'd love to have your family join us for this quick time of family fellowship. 🙂
    ​Very Sincerely and With Much Gratitude,
    The Chili Supper Crew

    SCRIP! How it works...


    SCRIP Gift Card Program

    Buy what you already need – St. Paul receives a rebate!

    SCRIP fundraising is a no-selling program that enables you to raise money for St. Paul Lutheran School PTF. Scrip is just another way to pay for everyday purchases using gift cards in place of cash, checks, and credit cards. You purchase gift cards from us at face value, and the PTF orders those cards from Great Lakes SCRIP Center at a reduced price. The difference is an instant rebate for St. Paul. It’s really that simple!

    Your Gift Card Order and Payment (no extra cost to you)
    – Discounted Rate That PTF Pays
    Instant Rebate to PTF

    Great Lakes SCRIP Center offers over 300 of the country’s biggest brands, including grocery, department stores, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, home improvement, and more. Just by using SCRIP to pay for your normal weekly purchases, you can easily raise $500 or more per year. It’s time to put your shopping dollars to work!

    3 easy ways to order your SCRIP cards this year:


    St. Paul Parents, Teachers, & Friends Organization

    But we will devote ourselves to prayer and the ministry of the word. Acts 6:04

    Welcome! Why meet at 6:04? It’s easy to remember, isn’t it? It also emphasizes that our organization is based on prayer and ministry (see Acts 6:04, above).
    Invocation was recitation of the Lord’s Prayer

    Roll Call showed us that we have brand-new Lion families, and those who have fifth-generation Lion students. It doesn’t matter how new, or how “old,” you are. The PTF is focused on great things happening right now and anyone can be involved!

    What Do We Do? A little bit of everything! We help fill the gaps at St. Paul, to keep tuition low and to help make our child’s education fulfilling and rewarding. Just a few things we do are listed below.

    How Are We Organized? The PTF is an official committee of St. Paul Lutheran Church, with elected officers. Last year, we revamped the PTF to focus on specific types of activities, including Spirit, Outreach, Fundraising and Room Parents. Committee chairs serve two years, and work to recruit and train their replacements. See reverse for committee listing, responsibilities and contact information.

    How Do You Fit In? Families are welcome to participate as much – or as little – as their schedules and interests allow. Every year presents a learning curve, as we work together to pick up where we left off, learn from experienced Lion parents and embrace new ways to work as a highly involved school family!

    Shake A Hand and Sign Up To Serve! Follow-up with the PTF Co-Chairs, or a committee member, to see how you can be a part of the PTF activities!


    2015-2016 Board members
    We’ve got a volunteer opportunity for everybody!

    PTF Co-Chairs
    Courtney Fisher courtney.d.fisher@gmail.com 512-680-2003
    Samantha Sumner samantha.sumner@ymail.com 512-538-8787
    Coordinate Exec Committee, Oversee Meetings & Planning, Recruitment, Training & Retention

    Melanie Moss moss_melanie@yahoo.com 512-269-9195
    Meeting Minutes, Publicity and Reports as Needed

    Holli Van West holli_aggie05@yahoo.com 512-639-9990
    Financial Report, Deposits and Reimbursements, Signing Authority on Account

    Spirit Crew
    Sharla Beason beasonfarm2@gmail.com 832-350-9550
    Brenda Johnson brenda107@msn.com 512-657-7481
    Lion Gear, Deck the Halls, Swab the Deck, School Parties and Yearbook

    Room Parents
    Laurel Herzog laurelzog@hotmail.com 512-633-8075
    Jennifer Owen jenowen12@gmail.com 512-695-7958
    Recruit & Train Room Parents, School Parties, Support Room Parties, Teacher & Staff Appreciation

    Champane Frias clinician@neurogistics.com 512-791-0653
    New Families, Hamburger Social, T’dale Cares, Church Dinner & Auction, G’Parent’s Day, Yearbook

    Chili Supper
    Derek and Lindsey Daniell lindseyc_1@yahoo.com 512-269-8605
    Dusty and Heidi Ford hlford72200@gmail.com 512-470-9349
    Kirk and Jami Becker jamilbecker@yahoo.com 512-430-0990
    All paws on deck! All paws on deck! Our one, giant fundraiser for the year! November 11, 2015

    Lion Boosters Lion Boosters Lion Boosters Lion Boosters Lion Boosters
    Courtney Fisher courtney.d.fisher@gmail.com 512-680-2003
    concession stand for volleyball, football & basketball. Concession funds support all extracurricular activities, including athletics, PSIA, Spelling Bee and more!

    SCRIP Cards
    Holli Van West holli_aggie05@yahoo.com 512-639-9990
    Purchase gift cards to your favorite retailers, and St. Paul receives a rebate!

    Box Tops
    Trey and Wanda Schramm wandaschramm1@gmail.com 512-417-9820
    Cut, Save, SEND – and we get cash! Submit to school office year-round!

    Field Day 2016
    Linda Albert, Becky Page & Marla Davis Stay tuned for news next spring!
    All paws on deck! All paws on deck! WE HOST 800 guests! April 15, 2016