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  • Notes from the Secretary 5/17/17

    Happy Wednesday!
    Before I get to the last to-do’s of the school year, I have some thoughts to share from behind-the-scenes at St. Paul. Although I’m tucked away in the front office much of the time (between my famous fast walks throughout the school), it’s been a joy to care for and support your precious littles. My eyes have been a bit misty all morning, as I prepare items for tomorrow’s graduation. I already miss the friends, big and small, who will be leaving St. Paul. And, I pray for each of the families of students, faculty, and staff, to know and appreciate the life-long impact you have made on our Lions. It’s been a privilege to witness:
    • Praise through song! Maybe it’s the ice cream or pizza party rewards that Pastor Kalbas promises, but I hear all versions of joyful praise — from a loud group to quiet humming to oneself. Your children know the love of Jesus through song!
    • Friendship and compassion! Our Lions are eager to escort a sick or injured friend to the office, they encourage all friends to play, and, boy, do they truly celebrate birthdays with extra cha-cha-cha’s and many God’s blessings. Your children show the love of Jesus through their actions!
    • Prayer! Prayer in the morning, prayer in the middle of the day, and prayer at the end of school. In all things, prayer. They pray for you, their family, their friends, and for things that they hear about around them. Your children seek Jesus through prayer!
    • Grace, patience, and love! For this, I pray daily. God’s unwavering grace and mercy have rained down on St. Paul for more than 127 years, and will continue to do so. I pray that we model His grace, grant patience, and show Christian love to one another in all actions and at all times. May God bless you throughout the summer!
    • Tonight — Confirmation questioning at 7 PM in the church sanctuary.
    • Tomorrow — Graduation for Pre-K 4, Kindergarten, and 8th Grade at 5:30 PM in the church sanctuary. PLEASE NOTE: This is a different start time than in previous years. There will be a cake and punch reception for all graduates and their families in the East Wing, immediately following the ceremony.
    • Friday — Last day of school! Closing Chapel is at 11 AM, and all are invited to join us! Students will be led back to their rooms for a formal dismissal by their teacher at noon. (no full-day Pre-K, no lunches, and no after school program)
    • Sunday — Confirmation at the 10:15 AM worship service.
    • Next Wednesday — Report cards will be available in the office for pick up from 1-3 PM. Any report cards/packets remaining will be mailed home. 
    • Please pay any past due balances ASAP, including tuition, registration, lunches, and/or concession tabs. See your account in Praxi for details, or, I am happy to forward a statement to you. May after school charges will be added by Monday afternoon. Positive lunch balances will carry over to next year.
    • Keep an eye on your mailboxes (both email and snail mail), as we being enrollment paperwork for next year. You will receive links to quickly update information in the Praxi system, and paper files to update and complete for the new year. All forms and summer fees, including August tuition, are due AUG 1.
    • Spring concession tabs have been entered in Praxi. This includes all charges from the basketball tournament, basketball season, St. Paul Field Day, AND ANY FALL TABS THAT WERE NOT PAID. Please email/contact me if you would like a detailed break-down of your charges by date. It is a privilege for us to offer the tab system to our families, and we appreciate your prompt payment as we work to close out the year.
    • St. Paul Vacation Bible School is June 5-9 from 9 AM – Noon daily. Registration information is available in the office.
    • Summer Sports Camps at TISD have been announced! Information and registration forms are in the office.
    • Concordia High School, Austin, has announced more summer sports camps! In addition to the volleyball and basketball camps already announced, softball and football camps. Visit http://chsaustin.org/summercamps for details or to register.
    Until next time,
    Courtney Fisher


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