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  • Back to School To-Do’s

    Good Evening, St. Paul Families! 

    I promised updates to information and schedules as we make our way to the new school year. This will be short and sweet, but please take a few minutes to read, as there may be changes 
    to your schedules.​ And, welcome to some of our newest Lion families, who very recently enrolled and helped our school reach 126 students!

    CONGRATULATIONS, and THANK YOU for enrolling your student in our new PRAXI portal!
    Good news is that you are one step ahead, as we work to get the system up and running. Bad news is that we need all the other students to enroll ASAP in order to actually train our staff and kick things off.

    ​ Those families will receive a separate email with pretty-please-with-a-cherry-on-top-get-it-done request! If you have St. Paul family or friends, make sure they have enrolled!​

    Thank you for being patient as we baby step into PRAXI. It’s worth it! 


    • NOW – Classroom Orientations start next week! Parents/Guardians are asked to attend with their student. See website for dates, times, and other details. Don’t forget the School Supply List is also available!​
    • NEXT – Check out the schedule for “Tell the Teacher More” meetings. There were slight adjustments based on family requests, or in order to allow our teachers a break in the midst of jam-packed schedules. Most updated schedule is attached.
    • THEN – Time to confirm BAND and BUS students! Reply to this email if your student (Grade 5-8) is interested in the Band Program, and we’ll send details. Likewise, reply to this email if your family is interested in the morning bus from Taylor, or the afternoon bus to Thorndale/Rockdale, and we’ll get you booked.
    • FINALLY – Deadline for fees and tuition has been extended to AUGUST 15. Until we get PRAXI up and running, you can contact the office for your back-to-school statement, and make payments directly to the office.
    ​We’re back to an almost full-time schedule in the office, working to get everything in place for the start of school. Please call, email, text, Facebook message, swing by, etc. for any help at all. Looking forward to seeing you soon!


    Courtney Fisher