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    St. Paul Lutheran
    101 North 3rd St
    Thorndale, TX 76577
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    Mr. Corey Moss

    Mrs. Kelly Brymer
    Preschool Director

    Rev. Aaron Kalbas
    Sr. Pastor

    Rev. Scott Schaller
    Assoc. Pastor



    Click a link below for St Paul Lions Sports news and information!

    PARENT/PLAYER CONDUCT FORMS  Parent-player contracts

    At St Paul we believe that physical activity is an important part of a well balanced education program. Students in grade 5-8 have the opportunity to participate in the following programs.

    FLAG FOOTBALL (BOYS) – VARSITY/JV – Fall sports 2015 calendar

    VOLLEYBALL (GIRLS) – VARSITY/JV- Fall sports 2015 calendar




    REMEMBER THAT NON-ATHLETE STUDENTS STAYING AFTER SCHOOL HOURS FOR THE GAME, MUST HAVE AN ADULT ATTENDANT. Team members who do not have an adult attendant will need to sit on the bleachers behind our LION bench. Students are reminded that they are to stay in the gym area and not in the school during the game. Hopefully, this will provide a safer environment for our students and also make sure the school property to secure as well.