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    CHANGE in report card pick-up time

    Dear St. Paul Families and Friends,
    We have changed the date for report card pick-up. You may pick-up report cards (and standardized test results, awards, etc.) TOMORROW from 1-3 PM. Any left after 3 PM will be mailed home later this week. Please also pick-up any medications left in the front office at this time.
    The change in pick-up date is due to the funeral service for Floyd Zuehlke, Sr., to be held here on Wednesday at 2 PM. Mr. Zuehlke was one of our oldest members of St. Paul -- baptized, confirmed, and married here. As a beloved member of our church, a great friend of both church and school ministries, and a prominent central Texas businessman, we expect a large turnout. By moving our pick-up date, we hope to avoid any conflict or distraction from his service. We offer our deepest condolences to the Zuehlke family, with praise and thanksgiving for a long life led in service to His Lord.
    Courtney Fisher



    St. Paul Lutheran Church and School

    101 N 3rd St., PO Box 369, Thorndale, TX 76577

    Phone (512) 898-2711

    My office hours are M-F, 7:30 am-1:00 pm and 3:00-4:00 pm

    3rd/4th Newsletter 4-18-17

    We are busy learning about adjectives and adverbs. We are also starting Earth Resources in Science. Click here to learn more.

    St. Paul, Thorndale Wins FIRST Place at PSIA!

    Can you feel the excitement in the air? Do you see the children with huge grins on their faces? Do you see the excited teachers, parents, and friends of St. Paul?


    We had an amazing day at our district meet! Each year I am impressed with the students of St. Paul, who step up and do a wonderful job of representing our school at the PSIA competition. (PSIA stands for Private School Interscholastic Association. It is an academic competition between private, parochial, and home schools.)


    St. Paul Lutheran in Thorndale won 1st place in Elementary and 1st place in Middle School, which gave us 1st place overall out of 12 schools at the PSIA competition Friday, March 31st. We are back-to-back 1st Place Champions!


    The students compete in different subject areas with some competing in more than one event. Many of our students are going on to compete at the State Competition in Fort Worth at TCU (Texas Christian University) in May. I am proud of all the students who participated and did their very best competing against other schools and home schools.

    The students brought home 77 ribbons in total (1st-6th place). We have 18 children competing in 22 entries for State, and 17 entries who are alternates.

    The overall results are as follows. Students in bold are State-bound and the students in italics are alternates for State:

    • Creative Writing - First Grade : Reagan Cooper – 1st place, Second Grade – Kennedy Robinson – 2nd place
    • Ready Writing – Third Grade: Kyla Daniell – 5th place, Fourth Grade: Bella Qualls 2nd place, Sixth Grade: Emily Owen 3rd place, Kyndal Robinson 5th place, Eighth Grade: Jacey Paulsen – 3rdplace, BB Dee – 6th place
    • Impromptu Speaking – Eighth Grade: Kassidy Cargill-3rd place
    • Modern Oratory – Eighth Grade: Reina King – 2nd place
    • Prose Interpretation – Fourth Grade: Bella Qualls 6th place, Fifth Grade: Jenna Frias – 1st place, Haleigh Moehling – 2nd place, Sixth Grade: Kyndal Robinson – 5th place
    • Storytelling – Second Grade: Ethan Kalbas – 1st place, Third Grade: Kyla Daniell – 1st place
    • Calculator Applications – Seventh Grade: Logan Davis 2nd, Eighth Grade: Reina King-1st place, Ethan Williamson-3rd place
    • Mathematics – Second Grade: Ethan Schramm-6th place, Fourth Grade: Cohen Moss-4th place, Fifth Grade: Madison Masek-5th place, Seventh Grade: Logan Davis-6th place, Eighth grade: Carter Brymer-4th place
    • Number Sense – Fifth Grade: Emily Reeves-5th place, Sixth Grade: Dawson Gillmore-3rd place, Seventh Grade: Logan Davis-5th place, Eighth Grade: Carter Brymer 4th place
    • Dictionary Skills – Fourth Grade: Payton Gillmore – 1st place, Allison Owen – 3rd place, Bella Qualls – 4th place, Seventh Grade: Emmerson Fisher-1st place, Rylee Pyeatt – 6th place
    • Listening Skills- Seventh Grade: Ty Pesl-2nd place, Eighth Grade: Michael Herzog – 3rd place, Ashley Pesl – 4th place
    • Maps, Charts, and Graphs – Fourth Grade: Payton Gillmore-3rd place, Mackenzie Sumner 5th place, Fifth Grade: Lily Churchman – 3rd place, Sixth Grade: Landri Martinka – 3rd place, Seventh Grade: Dean Johnson – 2nd place
    • On Site Drawing- Sixth Grade: Landri Martinka – 2nd place, Eighth Grade:
    • Jacey Paulsen– 6th place
    • Science – Sixth Grade: Dawson Gillmore-2nd place, Landri Martinka-3rd place, Seventh Grade: Emmerson Fisher-1st place, Dean Johnson-3rd place, Eighth Grade: Michael Herzog-3rd place, Carter Brymer-5th place
    • Spelling – Second Grade: Grant Van West – 2nd place, Ethan Schramm-4th place, Third Grade: Cameron Ford-3rd place, Fourth Grade: Allison Owen-6th place, Sixth Grade: Harrison Bender-2nd place, Natalie Newton 4th place, Seventh Grade: Emmerson Fisher-1st place, Dean Johnson-3rd place, Eighth Grade: Ashley Pesl-6th place
    • Vocabulary – Fifth Grade: Jack Herzog-4th place, Haleigh Moehling-5th place, Sixth Grade: Emily Owen-1st place, Dawson Gillmore-2nd place, Harrison Bender-5th place, Seventh Grade: Emmerson Fisher-2nd place, Eighth Grade: Reina King-5th place
    • Art Memory – Fifth Grade: Hannah Fisher-3rd place, Jack Herzog-4th place, Eighth Grade: Kassidy Cargill-5th place
    • Music Memory – Third Grade: Ellie Kalbas-2nd place, Karstyn Cargill-5th place, Fifth Grade: Madison Masek-4th grade, Jenna Frias-5th place, Sixth Grade: Natalie Newton-6th place, Eighth Grade: Jacey Paulsen-3rd grade, Michael Herzog-4th place
    • Informational Skills-Sixth Grade: Harrison Bender-1st place, Natalie Newton-5th place, Seventh Grade: Ty Pesl-4th place

    The students have been working hard since November getting ready for the competition, but they are not the only ones. A huge THANKS goes out to all of the coaches for these events. We couldn’t have done as well as we do without their dedication, extra time spent coaching, and encouragement for their students. The coaches are Ms. May, Mrs. Halpain, Mrs. Ford, Mrs. Reynosa, Mrs. McCoy, Mrs. Brymer, Mrs. Garcia, Mrs. Gonzales, Mr. and Mrs. Van West, Mrs. Churchman, Mr. King, Mr. Owen, Mrs. Melcher, Mrs. Kalbas, Mrs. Daniell, Mrs. Leatherwood, Mrs. Maines, Mrs. Williamson, and Mrs. Culp.

    A huge thank you for all those who volunteered to help with the competition on Friday. They came to PSIA to grade, judge, assisted in directing a contest, or directed a contest. We are very thankful that you all came and supported us during the competition and lent us a helping hand. We couldn’t have done it without you!!

    We would also like to thank Immanuel Lutheran School, Giddings who has hosted this event successfully for many years.


    Mrs. Kristi Gonzales

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